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Ideable is a software company specialized on web, cloud and mobile solutions for users with accessibility and usability specific needs, such as disabled ones and the elderly peopleAs a company focused on eldercare sector, already have partners and clients in Spain, Switzerland, UK, Italy, Mexico, and France and has worked for many years in analysing eldercare sector and studying market trends and disruptive innovations for this market. Ideable is not only a software company focused on research and innovation for eldercare sector, but also a company interested on the market exploitation and dissemination of the solutions in which we participate. Has a broad knowledge of European and Latam eldercare market. Ideable is responsible for Kwido (see more at www.kwido.com ) the international cloud platform for caring elderly people by accessible and usable mobile devices. It both works in promoting independent living at home, social connection, health monitoring, etc. Kwido also includes a rehabilitation platform for cognitive impairment based on serious games and teleconsultation features. In fact, an independent organization has published a study about Kwido as a successful tool for combating cognitive impairment.

Ideable is also a member some AAL projects (zocaalo, PETAL, DAPAS and IOANNA). Ideable has already been supported by a Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 1 for its new version of Kwido, Kwido Telecare and already was accelerated by FICHe Fiware eHealth accelerator, in fact, was selected as one of the best 20 companies. In Spain, Ideable has been supported by Basque Goverment in SPRI’s NETS and Hazitek research and innovation programs every year since 2012. Ideable has been supported by Spanish Innovation public agency ENISA too and by the Ministry of Industry of Spain in the AESSD research program, always in research programs related to eldercare and technology. Ideable is an important stakeholder in the Spanish ehealth ecosystem and organized the eHealthBilbao congress along with de Bilbao City Council. and the AgingBilbao event in 2017.

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Name: Jose Ignacio Bartolome

Organisation: Ideable solutions, SL

Address: La Virtud, 1 Lonja izquierda, PK 48901 Barakaldo (Biscay, Spain)

Telephone: +34 946414447

Email: ibartolome@ideable.net

Website: www.ideable.net

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Name: Lorena de Diego

Organisation: Ideable solutions, SL

Address: La Virtud, 1 Lonja izquierda, PK 48901 Barakaldo (Biscay, Spain)

Telephone: +34 946414447

Email: lorena@ideable.net

Website: www.ideable.net

Ana Aslan International Foundation (ANA) is a non-profit Research, Education and High-profile medical services organization, with special expertise in Aging and Brain Aging. Its mission is to integrate scientific progress into the medical and social practice of elderly care.This is achieved through promoting the holistic, integrated and personalized approach of aging, brain aging and related pathologies. Furthermore, the ANA has expanded its expertise in the field of applied ICT technologies for frail and dependent elderly, so that it not only helps prevent the aging related pathologies but promotes an active and healthy aging.

Starting with 2001, ANA has established the Canter for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Memory Diseases and Neuro-Rehabilitation and the Ana Aslan International Academy of Aging as its department of scientific research and development, acting as partner centres of excellence in the European Alzheimer’s Disease Consortium (EADC), European Association for Predictive, Preventive and Personalized Medicine (EPMA) and Ageing Well network for the Market uptake of ICT solutions for Elderly people.

ANA’s staff includes multidisciplinary teams implementing the latest methods and instruments for personalized prevention, early diagnosis and holistic-integrated interventional approach: doctors with multiple specializations: Geriatrics-Gerontology, Old Age Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Neurology, Psychology, Rehabilitation, Stress and Longevity Medicine.

Between 2010-2013 ANA coordinated the FP7-SOPHRD-2007-2013 BRAINAGING Strategic Project, which trained over 1,600 doctors and 2,400 nurses across Romania, based on an original, integrative curricula and syllabus elaborated for 6 medical specialties: Geriatrics, Neurology, Psychiatry, Molecular Medicine (including Genomics-Epigenetics and Metabolomics), Medical Imagistics, Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care.

In the past 10 years, ANA has accumulated extensive research, management and innovative experience as Medical Partner and Pilot Site in EU Funded Project within FP6-IST-STREP (K4CARE and SHARE-it), AAL-Active and Assisted Living (MobileSage, CONFIDENCE, Mobile.Old, CarerSupport, StayActive, MyMate, SeniorTV, TSBank, PETAL, IOANNA, Ella4Life, VirtuAAL, FrAAgiLe, POSITIVE), FP7-CIP-ICT (AgeingWell and E-NO FALLS) and LLP-Grundtvig (LiveWell).

In these projects, it fulfilled various tasks such as end-user profiling, technical and functional specifications, the assessment of end-user’s compliance to smart technology, the evaluation and validation of various smart technology prototypes in cooperation with elderly voluntary end-users. It also shared a high-level expertise in the related ethical issues. 

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Organisation: Ana Aslan International Foundation

Address: P-ta M.Kogalniceanu 1, apt.17, 050064 Bucharest, Romania

Telephone: +40 21 312 4696

Website: www.anaaslanacademy.ro

Aarhus Municipality has 330.000 inhabitants. The municipality is the second largest in Denmark.

The Municipality of Aarhus has been participating in R&D activities as an end-user organization for many years. The municipality has strong commitment to provide better services to its citizens in general and elderly in particular. It has a dedicated department for piloting of new innovation solutions appearing on the market, it also employs people providing services to its citizens on a daily basis.

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Organisation: Center for Assisted Living Technology, Health and Care

Address: Søren Frichs Vej 36 G, 8230  Åbyhøj

Telephone:+45 41872596

Website: www.aarhus.dk


The center for Assisted Living Technology (CFT) – organized within the Health and Care Department of the municipality, is the primary driving force of the innovative and organizational work done with assisted living technology in the municipality. The dedication to new solutions and rethinking existing solutions is fundamental to the Department of Health and Care and a clear necessity due to the demographic development in most western countries, where the average age and life expectancy is rising and thus presenting both manpower- and economical-challenges for the future.

In the Center for Assisted Living Technology we are developing, testing, implementing and evaluating assistive technologies. This together with companies, institutions, universities and citizens.

We are constantly trying to find the best solutions in digital health and care, and this also by using artificial intelligence,

eVIDA is a research group of the University of Deusto committed to research on and development of ICT-based tools, systems and interventions for psychological, social and physical health. Over the last decade, eVIDA has established close working relationships with key local stakeholders including hospitals, charities, other research groups and ICT companies. eVIDA conducts applied research in two main areas. In the field of ICTs for Wellbeing, eVIDA researches, designs, develops and tests tools and systems which enable disabled people and the elderly to live more independent lives. eVIDA is involved in creating apps and for person-centred care, and various tele-medicine and tele-monitoring systems. Work in this area has included applied research aimed at assisting groups such as people with intellectual disabilities, people with autism, people with visual impairments, people with hearing impairments, and people with multiple sclerosis. In the field of health, eVIDA is specialized in creating diagnostic tools and systems and interventions for people with health. eVIDA is participating in SUNFRAIL project from the 3rd health Program, CATCH ITN Marie Sklodowska-Curie action and is active in EIP-AHA groups.The results of its research and its application have been published in over sixty scientific articles in international journals and books and have been presented over than 150 international scientific conferences. eVIDA has been awarded with the University of Deusto- Banco Santander Research Award in 2007 and the ONCE Euskadi-Solidarios Research Award in 2007. This team is part of various research networks such as the European Network of Livings Labs (ENoLL) under the name “Life Living Lab (L3Lab)” and the “Red de Espacios Sociales de Innovación (ESdI)” under the name “LS2TECH”.

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Organisation: eVida Research Group

Address: Avenida Universidades 24, 48007 Bilbao, Spain

Telephone: + 34 94 413 93 78

Website: evida.deusto.es