Our VR games for cognitive stimulation will be set up in Lisbon

A few weeks ago, Ideable, as the leader of the VirtuAAL consortium, was invited to attend to the Santa Casa Misericordia Technological Fair. In the event, Ideable had the opportunity to display some VR games for cognitive stimulation developed in the VirtuAAL project, along with a presentation of its platform Kwido. The event was such a success that now Santa Casa Misericordia has asked us to establish our VR games in different places in Lisbon.       

There is plenty of evidence that cognitive training through new technologies have a direct impact on structural and functional changes that affect the brain with age. Virtual Reality has also been tested as a promising field of using ICT in the eldercare sector. Santa Casa Misericordia has decided to establish a cognitive-training online program (Kwido Mementia) in 20 centers of Lisbon. Moreover, they bet on the potential of virtual reality, by setting up VR games in two of those 20 centers.  

In VirtuAAL we keep on working to encourage the use of VR related to therapies against cognitive impairment. Recently, we have gathered a lot of data from end-users in Denmark and Romania that have already tested our solutions, and the results have been highly successful

Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa

The Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa (SCML) is the largest Portuguese entity in the social sector, providing healthcare, education and culture, and promoting the quality of life, particularly for the benefit of those in greater need of protection. Supervised by the Portuguese Government, SCML looks after around 6,000 patients at their nursing homes and daycare centers.