VirtuAAL shows its VR games in AAL Forum 2019, in Aarhus

This week, part of the VirtuAAL team has travelled to Aarhus (Denmark) to present its VR games in AAL Forum 2019, an event organized by the AAL Programme. Once again, the aim of the event has been to bring together different companies, experts and investors related to innovation development for the elderly sector. 

VR Cognitive Training presented in Europe

In this occasion, the games created for the VirtuAAL project have been presented through the presence of Ideable Solutions, the principal partner of the consortium. We stayed in a stand during the three days that the AAL Forum lasted, and have had the opportunity to display our VR games to a lot of interested visitors

The three games that we have been presenting during the AAL Forum consisted of the virtual recreation of spaces that are most familiar to elderly people, like a bank or a kitchen. The screens that Ideable has developed and we displayed there aim to bring memories, and make patients practice on normal actions of their daily activities.  

VirtuAAL stand in AAL Forum 2019
VirtuAAL stand in AAL Forum 2019

The first public presentation has been a complete success, with plenty of public asking for demonstrations in our stand. Now, we keep on working on the project with the next stage: the analysis of the data extracted in the trial phase with end-users. (Here you can read more about it)

VirtuAAL Parners

Ideable Solutions coordinates the project, develops serious games and analyzes its commercial viability.

Deusto University designs the pilot programs and analyzes the obtained results afterward. 

Ana Aslan International Foundation (ANA) & Center for Assisted Living Technology (CFT) both conduct and carry out the pilot programs with caregivers and elderly people in Romania and Denmark, respectively.