VirtuAAL kick off: VR & AR technologies for elderly users

Last week, all the VirtuAAL partners in Bilbao met to begin to define the strategic lines of the project. Among other things, we established how the testing phase of the therapies with VR & AR technologies will be like.

From now on, we will focus on the phase of testing and data extraction in adult user groups at a European level. Thanks to the testing phase, we will be able to extract enough information to decide whether therapies with VR & AR technologies are successful.

Accordingly, we will focus on the observation of:

  • Possible improvements in the users’ cognitive functions.

  • Possible increase in motivation and mood of them.  

VirtuAAL partners


  • Ideable Solutions coordinate the project, develops the serious games and analyzes their commercial viability.
  • Deusto University design the pilot programmes and analyze the obtained results afterwards. 
  • Ana Aslan International Foundation (ANA) & Center for Assisted Living Technology (CFT) both conduct and carry out the pilot programmes with caregivers and elderly people in Romania and Denmark, respectively.

¿Where do we go now? VR & AR technologies testing


In order to obtain relevant data, we will use AR & VR technologies in several adult population samples, in two different countries in Europe. The objective is to put into practice a wide range of games and activities for the elderly, in order to obtain objective results on their possible effectiveness in the area of cognitive stimulation.

In the software-development company, Ideable, and with the help of its European partners, they have developed several games that will be used in the testing phase. In them, users are exposed to everyday situations, such as cooking a fried egg or taking money out of an ATM. In this way, it seeks to encourage the practice and rehabilitation of essential cognitive functions in the day to day of patients.


Some video examples: Virtual Reality Games   


¿And then? Creating a sector for gaming for the elderly


By analyzing the results, we will start to focus on the decision if these technologies impact in cognitive stimulation and motivation of the elderly people. Moreover, VirtuAAL will start to analyse the commercial viabilities around this technologies. ¿Our objective with the VirtuAAL Project? Create a sector for gaming for the elderly using VR & AR, oriented to nursing homes and cognitive stimulation centers.


Virtuaal partners in the Kick Off Meeting in Bilbao