VirtuAAL’ games are displayed in BasqueGameLAB

The VirtuAAL team keeps working on the virtual reality technology’ development so as to use it in cognitive therapies for elderly people. In this occasion, trough Cluster Gaia’s organization, we have had an special opportunity to show VirtuAAL’ new developments to some european entities. The meeting has occurred in BasqueGameLAB, in the context of the Games Labs Net project launching.  

VirtuAAL in BasqueGameLAB

The BasqueGameLAB in Bilbao has been the chosen space to kick off the Game Labs Net project at a european level. This innovative project wants to build up a Game Labs’ network around european countries in order to show and share the VR knowledge.   

So, in this occasion, VirtuAAL had the opportunity to join the meeting through the presence of its Ideable’s project partners, active members of Cluster Gaia as well. They presented a demo to illustrate how VirtuAAL uses technology to develop usable and motivating games to combat cognitive impairment. 

Serious Games to Combat Cognitive Impairment 

The goal of VirtuAAL project is to develop immersive serious games to increase motivation in elderly patients. What is more, our objective is to test the use of these technologies in combating cognitive impairment. We will specially focus on some mental capacities that could be trained and measures, such as attention or executive functions.

The idea is to offer new and attractive ways to perform cognitive stimulation therapies so as improve the life quality of the elderly and dependent people. 

Example of the VirtuAAL games about colours and shapes recognizing’

Cluster Gaia

GAIA is the Association of Electronic and Information Technologies in the Basque Country, a private and professional non-profit organisation, established in 1983, currently made up of 260 companies that offer products and services in the field of electronics, information technology and telecommunications.

GAIA’s mission is to boost the develop and growth in the Electronics-IT and Telecommunications sector, and to favour the assimilation and efficient usage of the sector’s technologies, with the aim of collaborating in the development of the Information and Knowledge Society.

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